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buckingham rabbit

i hate music critics anyway. they just try and think of all the stupid adjectives they can to describe some music. its a fancy way of saying nothing. rarely do i read a music review and come away with any sense of what the bastard has said. its all fluf.

magazines like spin and rolling stone are just crap, and i don’t even look at them. more than anything i look at allmusic.com, but even they are wrong fairly often enough. i guess theyre better for informational purposes than anything, but the reviews of the albums, at least the stars given to them, are helpful sometimes.

"Anyone who writes about rock music can’t have much to say about things. I despise rock jornalists so much. Why should they have the right to make or break an artist?" — nick cave

as for audiogalaxy, i have a crappy 26k connection right now so its not worth it. however, next month i should be getting a cable modem and will check it out.