I got four dino T’s and a fog one I got at the gig in Manchester last june.
The first one I got was the one with the cow face on the front-still wear it 11 years on!!! I also got a wierd, fake one i think with the dino logo in green on the front, and a picture of an alien through a window with a small Alien Workshop logo in the corner.
My next is my fave… its a red long sleeve I got from the ‘where you been’ tour at Brixton (’94?). Its got an Angry Jonny design on the front, also on the inside sleeve of the start choppin’ single… its got a wierd green gooey guy sittin at a table with a botte of ‘quick kill(??)’ It has the Dino logo down om#ne arm. Pretty cool (Angry’s designs rule!!)
The final one is another angry design I got from the without a sound tour. Its got a wierd character beeing grabed round the neck by a hand, and the Dino logo at the top.
Oh yeah, the fog one is the white number with the Neil Blender bat on the front. Cool as fuck!!!