this is so sad to admit, but I have:

SST girl and ogre (black/pink)
SST boy and monster (blue/green)
Whatever’s Cool With Me bulldog (black)
Drunk Monster in Cave long sleeve (black)
Start Choppin guy (white)
Hitchhiker (black)
Cow and Gorilla (purple, faded pink now)
Long Sleeve Underwear Logo (blackish grey)
WoaS Chimpunk (Black)
WoaS Kids w/ Guns (White)
Feel the Pain guy (Navy)
Hand it Over cover (Purple)
Homemade ‘Little Fury Things’ cover (white)

Don’t have a Green Mind shirt or a Fossils shirt that I’ve seen before.

And #14 to overtake UmasCow is still in sitting in Jeremiah’s house someplace <img> *hint* *hint*.

The coolest thing I have (besides the neon yellow cow golf ball and the 6×4 foot JayLouMurph poster) is a navy blue Dinosuar Jr hat that just has the cow on the front and says ‘Dinosaur Jr’ on the back above the adjusty thingy. Simple but awesome.