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I’ve always liked the one on Thumb the best. It’s a very sad sounding solo and always gives me chillbumps.

It’s funny because Thumb is probably one of J’s simplest songs – it’s pretty much just two chords – but the solo has a really unique sound because it’s in like a different mode than what you would expect. From a my guitar geek’s perspective, the song is in D and C but in the solo he seems to switch into like a G major scale. It’s almost more like a jazz thing. Very cool.

Maybe some bigger guitar geek out there can tell me what you call the mode that solo is played in. Like mixolydian or something like that… J’s got lots of different modes!

It’s still the feel and the emotion of the solo that really makes it good, so I should just shut up about analyzing it.

hmmm… maybe I should be posting this stuff over in the guitar forum.