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The BEST (I prefer this to BUG DVD and middle east) Live show I think is this….Olso Festival Live Gig


I downloaded the full concert on my youtube channel

And you may want to download this J acoustic/electro video again the best I’ve seen,
(someone has put the whole thing on youtube anyway……..)
Just use (http://download.cnet.com/YTD-Video-Downloader/3000-2071_4-10647340.html) if you want to rip it straight off youtube.

If I was you I would download them both from freesofree and then throw all the files into windows live movie maker and make them both back into full gigs. I compressed them using handbrake after that(free programme) and then put them on a flash stick or DVD…. The Olso concert even like that is A9/V9 on my 50″ TV through my Bose speakers its that awesome!

Just audio this is my fav gig though(its the same concert as the so what else is new above)