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I’m going to have to agree with you about this Carl. Seems very odd that this type of thing is going on. The only few things I can think of to say is that it really dosn’t suprise me. Just look who is going to be on the MTV music awards. If we get out a list of who is on the top 20 in "popular" <img> music that will be the line up and also who all the "awards" <img> will go to as well. The Big record labels put the most money into those <img> "acts" <img> and have so much influence now that it is no wonder it is the same show year after year. I won’t be watching! <img>

The other thing I can say is listen to more independen/ true alternative/ college stations/ public radio when ever possible. I do try to support local bands as well in my area that I think are cool too. I love to listen to people that say, "I hear the same stuff on the radio every day when I drive to work". What do those people expect when they live to be spoon fed everything they know about anything to begin with. <img>

I have steped off my soapbox now. <img>

Carl – Remember the movie "RainMan"? Remember when RainMan was saying in the car "97X, Bang the future of Rock and Roll"! In the movie the "brothers Rainman" are driving in Cincinnati, OH and 97X is a real radio sation that is really more or less at Miami (OHIO) University in Oxford, OH. They claim to be a true Independent and alternative radio station. They play J <img> and anything else that is as new as possible. (I’ll be listening and requesting the New J stuff soon to see if they play that) You can even listen to the broadcast on your computer because they do live streaming. For those of you on AOL, you can hear the station on [email protected] go to Alt. & Hard Rock and go to the bottom of the list (WOXY Cincinnati) or click http://www.woxy.com/

I don’t know if this really helps, but I do understand where you are coming from.

Sincerely, Chris