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Gram Parsons-GP/Grevious Angel-I like the 2 albums on one cd deal,wish it was done more;2 classic albums,what more can I say?the live from Northern Quebec medley was a fake live track,it was actually done in the studio,besides no one in N Quebec would`ve known who Gram Parsons even was in 1973.

Afghan Whigs-Black Love-the Whigs were one of the best bands of the 90`s,everytime I listen to one of their albums I`m amazed at how damn good they were.

Cocteau Twins-BBC Sessions-yeah it has Sugar Hiccup On Cherrios on it Sars,which makes me wanna go skydiving,it has sessions from 1982-84 and some from 1996;they cover a Billie Holiday song on it(Strange Fruit),which is odd for them but it`s as chilling as Billie singing it.