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John Lee Hooker-Best Of:1965-74-JLH recorded a ton of albums so this comp is only the tip of the iceberg in his discography;pretty good comp nonetheless by the legendary bluesman.

Various Artists-Throw:Yo Yo Records compilation-featuring Kicking Giant,Bikini Kill,Heavens To Betsy,Unwound,Superchunk,Lois,Bratmobile,Mecca Normal,etc.and even a string quartet covering a Beat Happening song.Some songs were recorded in a chicken coop,how cool is that?

Townes Van Zandt-A Far Cry From Dead-Townes should have been as well known as Willie Nelson,but he was weary of stardom and the music biz;as Steve Earle said-"Townes Van Zandt is a better songwriter then Bob Dylan,and I`d stand on Bob Dylan`s coffee table in my cowboy boots and tell him that".This album is fantastic with alot of his best songs,Snake Mountain Blues and Waitin Around To Die gives me the chills.

Richard Buckner-Since-Buckner was influenced alot by Townes,but I also heard he`s a big Pavement fan.This album might be his best,each album he`s released he gets more left of center,folk/country is where he`s coming from but he is`nt afraid to be a little experimental,he has 2 new albums coming out this fall,that should be cool.