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Currently listening to…

Sweet Nothin by Sonics Rendevouz Band

Great quote by Sonic Smith in the liner notes

"Generally I like anything that’s high energy expressive. That could mean anything from John Coltrane to Patti Smith to punk rock things. I like high-energy music, people kind of exploding, musically. I like to feel it, they’re coming apart and just letting everything out."

Payin The Dues…The Hellacopters

The First and The Last…New Race

This one is wicked, couple guys from Radio Birdman with Ron Asheton and Dennis Thompson ( MC5 drummer) They do a mix of Birdman, Stooges, Destroy All Monster and some Deniz Tek…amazing. They do outrageously cool versions of MC5’s Looking at You , November 22, 1963 by Ashetons group DAM and Crying Shame by RB. It’s live but Rob Younger didn’t like his vocals so he went into the studio and recorded it again…odd but hey it sounds great.

Looking forward to the new Bob Mould being released March 12…whoooohooooo!!! Called modulated, 14 tracks…fingers crossed its not like that mega mega scary song from LDAPS [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img]

Live 98 LDAPS from London will be released via his web site probably out in March as well…cool!!!