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Got some diverse jams spinning at the moment.

Bought Mazzy Star "So Tonight That I Might See".

Nice collection of slow moody, but crisp songs. Heard "Fade Into You" when it came out off of that record. A nice song, as was every other one Hope and David made. Perhaps this was another band who couldn’t make bad songs. Looking forward to hearing Hope’s new disc that Salami and others have spoken of.

Also bought Helmet "Meantime". Lots of power chording here, especially with their hit "Unsung". It can get repetitive throughout the album but for some reason, it still sounds good, even after seven years of hearing them the first time. Their lyrics on this album also appear confusing on the surface but I think they write in much the same vein as Jawbox with a kind of hidden story/allowance for interpretation/application bent. It takes some talent, or at least strong chemicals to do this…..

Borrowed from Neighbor Man:
Palace Brothers "There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You"
Don Caballero "American Don"
and Shakti with John McLaughlin.

Palace Bro’s is musically neat and similar to the Sparklehorse VivaDixie. Is the breaking of Oldham’s voice a regular thing or just on this record? Somehow it fits well with the rest. More on them later. Need time to take in fully.
Caballero and Shakti are both instrumentals so far. Not done listening to any of these three yet. Shakti is Indian jazz. McLaughlin has his acoustic guitar modified so that there are a diagonal set of strings that go across the regular set right over the opening on the body. Very weird looking but it sounds pretty good. Caballero defies description at this point.

On Sparklehorse, I am convinced of Linkous’s genius. On VivaDixie, he seems to have the songs listed in a story format with the -short blurb songs like Double Pumper Holly and Little Bastard Choo Choo falling in between the good songs. I would think he is using transition here but I haven’t been able to figure out a plot yet. Lyrics would be nice anyone….


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