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Allison-glad to hear you got the first Sparklehorse album,I still think it`s the best one,even though the other albums are close behind.
Merc Rev`s Boces is a good album,I like Yerself Is Steam more but Boces is pretty good as well.
Glad to hear you got the new Modest Mouse ep too.

Halfman-Mazzy Star was great,their first album She Hangs Brightly is my fav,the new Hope Sandoval album is so good that I think it`ll be in my cd player until the end of the year,one of my fav albums of this year.
Helmet I don`t like as much as Jawbox,did you know that Page Hamilton of Helmet is jazz and classical trained guitarist?he listens to John Coltrane,Bill Evans,and Bartok more then anything else,I find that cool.
yes,Will Oldham`s voice does fall apart alot,and it`s cool!check out Lost Blues And Other Songs if you see it around,lots of great songs on that.
Shakti with John McLaughlin I bought 10 years ago,the violinist on it is Ravi Shakar`s nephew,McLaughlin`s music is great,check out the album he did with Carlos Santana from 73-Love ,Devotion,and Surrender.
Don Cabbalero is a great band,they play what`s been called math rock,weird time signatures and stuff like that.