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Listening to alot of stuff as usual,here`s the current 5:

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions-Bavarian Fruit Bread-just listened to it once,beautiful album,if you liked Mazzy Star you won`t be disapointed,much in the same vein,recommended if you like slow/sad acoustic stuff.

Orange Glass-Underwater Underground-local one man band-Ron Bates;used to be in Eric`s Trip in the early days;good indie rock stuff,short album though-30 minutes long,cool nonetheless.

Versus-Hurrah-one of my all time fav bands,never got the recognition similar bands like Yo La Tengo got(who they toured with last year with Sleater Kinney)they have`nt announced that they broke up but I suspect they have,great songs and male/female vocals.

White Stripes-White Blood Cells-cool brother/sister duo from Detroit,one of those bands that you can hear the history of rock and roll in their tunes,Jack White`s voice can go from Paul Mc Cartney to Robert Plant to Frank Black from song to song."Hotel Yorba" is a cool tune,reminds me of Railroad Jerk.

Mercury Rev-All Is Dream-lots of good songs on this album,really like this band,10 years since their first album and they`re still making great albums.
Donahue`s voice reminds me of Neil Young when he sings in falsetto.