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‘Tings been kinda quiet around here lately, so I guess I would ramble a bit…..

Went used CD shopping yesterday. Found an interesting mix:

Joe Jackson–Summer in the City (Live In New York)
I have liked ol’ Joe since he was on MTV at its onset with songs like Steppin’ Out. Dude can flat play piano. He did covers of the title track, "Eleanor Rigby", and had "For Your Love" in one of 3 medleys.
Best tunes: "King of the World" and "One More Time". A good find for 5 bucks.

Pussy Galore–Corpse Love The First Year
Never heard these folks before today. Always liked Royal Trux and what little I had heard from Jon Spencer was good. This album will need digesting. It is raw and the commentary is pretty funny at times.


On yawls suggestion, checked these guys out. Not bad. Sounds a lot like Flaming Lips but I need another listen or two to bring out the textures here, I think. Seems to be a lot beneath the surface.

Sky Cries Mary– Return to the Inner Experience

Bought this for the 1st time when it came out in 1993. Good music for tripping. I don’t trip anymore but this is still good for orbits and escapes. Nice cover of the Rolling Stones "2000 Light Years From Home".

Lemonheads– Come on Feel The Lemonheads.

Bought this so I can again learn how to preen [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]
Nah, I always liked this album. Good songwriting and the country twinges are nice, along with having a lot of Juliana Hatfield singing on it.
Put this on cassette tape for the car and am recording Hatfield’s "Become What You Are" on the flipside. Both fit on one 90 minute, thank goodness.


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