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I put Psychocandy in my cd player this morning,I`ve been listening to it alot since I bought it in August.

Here`s some from me:
Modest Mouse-The Lonesome Crowded West-the best album they`ve done so far,it`s gonna be hard to top it,lots of great songs.

Gillian Welch-Time(The Revelator)-if you have`nt heard her yet,it`s a mix of folk,bluegrass,and blues;great album,mournful acoustic stuff,my fav song is Apr 14th part 1 which reminds me of Neil Young`s Cortez The Killer a little bit,she ties Lincoln`s asassination,the sinking of the Titanic,and the dust bowl with something about a band from Idaho.

Sparklehorse-It`s A wonderful Life-another cool album,the 2 songs with PJ Harvey impress me the most,Nina from the Cardigans does some back up singing as well,she and Mark from Sparklehorse have an album out now under the name A Camp,den buck mentioned it awhile ago.I also heard Mark teamed up with Daniel Johnston recently and there might be a collaboration with Kristin Hersh too.