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This thread is always cool to pull up,so I thought I`d update it:
Jesus And Mary Chain-Psychocandy-great album;they sound like they got alot out of early VU,and My Bloody Valentine got alot out of JAMC.

The Jam-Setting Sons-I love the Jam!the guitar sound alone that Weller got on their albums is great,cool tunes on this include"Burning Sky","Thick As Theives".

Fugazi-Instrument-soundtrack from their movie,I have`nt seen it,the soundtrack`s ok,mostly instrumental.

The Hellacopters-Disappointment Blues-great rocking music!thanks again to the hellacopterheads on this site(Allison,Robert) for their recommendation.

Th Faith Healers-L-a compilation of singles,including one of their best tunes-"Reptile Smile".