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Keeblin-I was talking to Turnipfarmer about Slowdive not long ago,he`s a fan.
If you like MBV stuff check out a band called Lenola;they`re from New Jersey,they`ve been compared to MBV and the Flaming Lips.you can check out some mp3`s by them at epitonic.com go to the indie rock section and scroll down in the box.Check out the tune"Baby Loves Headrub",that`s my fav.Insound.com has a good tune by them called "Milkpaint",those 2 songs seem to be the best songs I`ve heard by them.
There`s a band here in Canada called the Mean Red Spiders that are in a MBV/JAMC vein,I don`t know any mp3`s by them but check around music stores,maybe they have something by them,being on a canadian label it might be hard to find in the U.S. but it might be available.
Robert-my local record store has a split cd of the Flaming Sideburns and the Hellacopters,might have to check into that soon.