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Here`s what I`ve been listening to recently:

Eggs-Exploder-their 2nd album,they did another album called exploder a few years after this.Steve Albini once called them the most boring band he ever heard.I don`t think they`re too bad;if you like Unrest you`ll dig them.
Blood Oranges-Corn River-there`s 2 bulls on the cover,that gets cool points from me,they were a Boston alt country band;their bassist/singer Cheri Knight has recorded some solo albums on Steve Earle`s label.Too bad she did`nt sing lead on this,mostly backing vocals here,the guy does most of the lead vocals,and I don`t like his voice.
Replacements-Tim-great music,the Replacements were fantastic,everyone should check them out,it took me long enough to buy an album by them but I`m glad I did.
Oh Susanna-self titled ep-some gothic hillbilly music,very cool,along the lines of Gillian Welch.
Birddog-A Sweet And Bitter Fancy-more acoustic stuff,folky indie along the lines of Elliot Smith.