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1) Indie Compilation by me that includes Modest Mouse, Yo La Tengo, Grandaddy, Sugar, Built To Spill and Husker Du. Before I came to this site I hadn’t listened to any of these bands. Thanks folks. Thanks a LOT. "Cowboy Dan," "Sugarcube," "Car," "Dramamine," and "Interstate 8" are absolutely killer.

2) Lyle Lovett compilation. Seriously, if you haven’t given this guy a listen, do yourself a favor and do so. "Creeps Like Me," "Friend of the Devil," "L.A. County," or "Skinny Legs." Lyle put on the best show i’ve EVER seen. Brass, cello, extensive percussion section and the usual suspects. Everybody is decked out in Armani suits. Usually has a group of black backup singers. AWSOME date concert. Fellas, you WILL get some luvin’. And notice I spelled "luvin’" with a "u." Know what I mean??

3) "More Light" It’s been a fantastic summer album and I bet dollars to donuts it’s a hell of a fall/winter album too. We’ll see. It’s funny that many of the older posters use the term "album" while the word ain’t even in some of the younger folks’ vocabulary, even though there isn’t THAT much difference in age.

4) Wilco’s "Being There" Jeff Tweedy is very cool. Does a great version of "Froggy Went A Courtin’," but it’s not on the album…..errrrrr…..CD.

5) Blazin’ It compilation CD. Bob Dylan, Wilco, Son Volt, Jayhawks, Willie Nelson and Steve Earle.

6) The Very Best of Otis Redding. What can I say…..I gotta new girlfriend. This al….uh….CD is a big favorite of hers. If you wanna get a cool CD to listen to on a date, this would be it.

7) Soundgarden’s "Badmotorfinger." I am man and I hate Oprah Winfrey. Grrrrrrrr.

8) Mike Johnson "Year of Mondays" This is a great "rainy day" album. We have had one rainy day in the last two months here in Tulsa. I play this over and over, hoping it rains. Something tells me it’s not working.