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cool thread . . . i get many great referrals of new-to-me music this way, so thank you all! similarly, my cousin just turned me on to a file sharing site KaZaA.com and recent downloads i enjoy include: J’s take on the Smiths’ ‘The Boy With a Thorn in His Side’, and Built to Spill’s live version of N.Young’s ‘Cortez the Killer’. I dig covers like these (maybe another cool thread topic? best/fav cover song?)
As far as actual CD’s, recently i bought ‘Bug’ at my local music shop and that’s been stoking my eardrums daily – I bought ‘Green Mind’ in ’92 and been a fan since, but never heard "the early stuff" til now . . . Newer records i’m listening to include ‘Acrophobe’ by BadAstronaut – these guys rock – from my home town, so maybe I’m biased . . .("emo/punk" – I hate the genre labels, but i guess that’s what they’re calling heavy guitarsbassdrums layered with cello and keyboard arrangements these days- see either http://www.honestdons.com or http://www.myrecords.com for more . . .). Also spinning ‘Les Sables Magiques’ by Tricky Woo – ("rock" – can’t call it anything else – ‘classic’ and ‘punk’ rolled into one – Allman Bros. & MC5 often referenced in reviews . . .) I caught these guys live while on a trip to Canada two years ago and was totally blown away! see and *phear* it @ http://www.trickywoo.com !!!