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Oh Yeah,I was going to mention some stuff I`m listening to:
Angels Of Light-New Mother:bought this awhile ago and did`nt listen to it ,just listened to it today;this is Michael Gira`s post-Swans band,the Swans depended on distorted sound scapes,this band is largely acoustic guitar,piano,violin,accordion,etc. he kind of reminds me of Ian Curtis(Joy Division),the Swans once covered a Joy Division tune.
Bulit To Spill-Ancient Melodies From The Future:it`s not as appealing as other BTS but I still like it"The Weather"with Doug sounding closer to Neil Young`s voice then before is cool.
Cannonball Adderley-Cannonball`s Bossa Nova:kind of sunny day on a sailboat music.
Nanci Griffith-Best of:She tends to get too sentimental for my tastes sometimes,but there`s still some songs I like on this.
Weird Nightmare:Meditations on Mingus:I usually don`t like 90`s jazz except for some stuff,this is one of them;who could resist to hear Henry Rollins read some Mingus writing,Chuck D rap about a LA jazz club,Voidoids guitarist Robert Quine clang his way through a Mingus tune or ex-Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas play Mingus`s"Haitian Fight Song"on lap steel.