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Millencolin – Live at Hultsfred 2000
-makes my car go faster

The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicous
-fast, loud, cool lyrics and kick-ass mentality. Need I say more?

Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted
-one of my top 3 albums

The Presidents Of The U.S.A.(self titled)
-this album should’ve been called :it’s summer, now have some fun!

Violent Femmes(self titled)
-let me go on like I blister in the sun!
from the opening to the end, this is(to me) the soundtrack of a summer.

Ramones – Hey Ho Let’s Go(anthology)
-you’re with friends, you got beer, you wanna party.

Jeff Buckley – Grace
-for the mellow summer night.

Grandaddy – The Sophtware Slump
-same as above.

Guess I exceeded the limit a bit…but I had to get them all up here.