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Still have`nt checked out the Hellacopters yet,my local music store had Dissapointment blues and supershitty,but someone bought them before I got a chance to get them!Saw another Hellacopters though,a split disc with another band,the price looks steep but I might consider checking it out.
Love As Laughter seemed to be out of your character Allison;but yesterday I checked out"I`m A Bee" and I can see why you like them,you see Sam Jayne from LAL was in Lync who I heard a couple of good songs by and I heard Built To Spill cover LAL`s"singing sores make perfect swords"which with the Lync stuff was indie rock sounding,I thought "I`m A bee" would be like that too,I was surprised that it sounded like Stooges/MC5 stuff!
Trivia:MC5`s manager John Sinclair was in the white panthers,60`s radical group,who`s current indie fav band`s mother was involved too with the white panthers?