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<BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Javro:
. First time I heard Brassneck I thought they were awful, but then when they released a single every month of the year and stuck them all on an album, every track was a killer.
Actually, the Single compilation I got was not the Hitparade thing, but some American only thing (the reason why I hadn´t bought it already) comprising the Bizarro/Seamonsters singles (including Brassneck, now what is a Brassneck actually, can anyone shed some light here?), and some rare and live stuff. But yes David Gedge voice certainly is not everyones cup of tea; actually most of the folks I know in Britain hate the Wedding Present cause they can´t stand the singing.
You must by now be fed up with my constant references to my American trip, but hey, it was such an important experience to me, and now so many things relate to it. So work with me here and since Jeremiah listed Grandaddys Sophtware Slump not so long ago, I can´t help myself and simply have to tell you how appropiate those songs are to listen to when you cruise through the Californian National Parks. We even drove past the Crystal Lake. It was perfect.