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1) the wedding present – singles 89-91. One of the very few CDs I bought in America. Got that at the Cinerama gig from David Gedge himself. Only $10,- for a double CD. What a bargain. Shows the Wedding Present really at their peak. Most of the songs were produced by Steve Albini and he really brought out the best in them. That soaring guitars are so perfect. Including their Pavement cover of Box Elder, the Tom Jones Cover of It´s not Unusual and the Velvet Undergrounds She´s my best friend. Brilliant.
2. Break´n´Bossa Volume 4. Italian Compilation of contemporary clubtunes with a brazilian flavour. Kids, it´s just that time of the year. So relaxed and cheerful. Get the cocktails ready.
3. Elvis` greatest hits from the 60s. Never been a big fan of Elvis, but since I´ve been to Graceland and shed some tears at his grave I appreciate the whole schmalziness of him. Return to Sender, It´s now or Never, Devil in Disguise and the spoken part of Are you lonesome tonight? are so hilarious. Gotta love that.
4. Easy Tempo vol.7 (I think). Soundtracks of Italian Soft Pornos from the late 60s/early seventies. More cheesy listening. Lots of Hammond Organ and more Samba beats.
It´s summertime.
5. Boss Hog (95). Still my favourite album of the last decade. Have to have some noisy stuff after all this mellow swinging. Works every time.

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