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I have`nt updated this since June 15th so I thought I`d mention what I been listening to recently:
Gastr Del Sol-Crookt Crackt Or Fly:This is what they call post-rock,even though I don`t know where the rock fits in.Essentially it`s 2 acoustic guitarists with some electric guitar thrown in at some points,with enigmatic vocals and strange lyrics like"I guess I like the hot bread,can`t go wrong with the name"
Lucinda Williams-Essence:calling Lucinda Alt-country does`nt work because she`s older than most alt-country musicians who cut their musical teeth on punk,lucinda for the past 25 years has been in the roots music scene,mixing her love of acoustic blues,trad country and folk and rock to anyone who would listen,her 3rd record in 1988 was released by Rough Trade Records in England who are known for their punk catalog.This new album,Essence is slow and sad mostly with her raspy vocals(is she a smoker?)which are pretty amazing.
Pedro The Lion-Winners Never Quit:This is one guy from Seattle who kind of reminds me of the band Idaho or Bedhead,slow tunes mixed with some rockers,very cool stuff.
Godspeed You Black Emperor-Lift Yr Skinny Fists…:Astounding music from Montreal,Que,Canada this rock orchestra just rules;sometimes it sounds like Sonic Youth with some violins,trumpets,etc or a Canadian Spiritualized or Mogwai.If you like any of those bands check out Godspeed.It`s a double CD with 4 long tracks,my fav is the first track off disc 2 which is 23 minutes long,totally brilliant.
They have some other discs I have`nt got yet but this "Lift Yr Skinny Fists…" is the most recent.