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I thought I`d mention some music I`m listening to:Sunny Day Real Estate-The Rising Tide-just bought it this morning,sounds pretty good.Jeremy`s vocals are amazing.
Miles Davis-love songs-slow and mellow stuff from the 50`s and 60`s.great stuff.
Tindersticks-Can Our Love…-Curtains is my fav tindersticks album,this new one is`nt too bad.Stuart`s voice is so deep and cool.
Helium-The Magic City-their last record,kind of a concept album about dragons,the devil,and outer space.Mary`s a pretty good songwriter.
Flying Burrito Brothers-Farther along;best of-Gram Parsons has become a legend over the years here`s some evidence of it.Kind of a high priest of alt-country next to Neil Young.Lots of cool pedal steel and good choice of songs.
Last night I pulled out some stuff I bought years ago [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]rive Like Jehu-Yank Crime-good emo screamo stuff from 94;Aloha!SUIT UP!
Meat Puppets-Up on the sun-this album reminds me of Wesley Willis,you know those happy little keyboard back up He uses in almost every song.Check out `swimming hole`and see if you agree.It also reminds of Zenyetta Mondetta era police,though the Kirkwoods singing won`t remind you of Sting.
Red Red Meat-jimmy Wine Magestic-Great album of back porch blues gone wrong and a singer that sounds like Kurt Cobain,listen to `lather`-"another clothesline car door raining dollar bills"-I love that lyric!
New Sparkehorse?I got check that out.I`m also awaiting the new Built To Spill.