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I always bring two cd’s with me to my work. In the afternoon I turn the radio off and put the cd’s on. No co-workers here in my room, so I can rock like I’m at home!! The last few cd’s I played here are:

Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin (with the amazing Race for the prize and Waiting for a Superman)

Weezer – Green Album (Hip Hip indeed!)

Mercury Rev – Deserter’s Song (I haven’t heard it yet, but I read it was very good)

Nada Surf – The Proximity Effect (very good, much better then their first album)

Nightwish – Ocean Born (Finnish metal)

A lot of cd’s I made myself, with songs I downloaded from the internet/Napster/WinMx. I also listen a lot to a cd I made, with live-tracks of J Mascis & The Fog (from Peel Session at the BBC) and covers done by other artists. Very good!!