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Rosa-I`ve heard a couple of tracks from that MM and W album,I like their cover of Hey Joe.

Here`s what I`ve been listening to yesterday:
Silkworm-Italian Platnium-this is their 8th album,which is cool since not too many bands make it to 8 albums anymore,sounds just as good as their other albums.

Breeders-Title TK-not a album of rockers(some though)made this one of the most loved and hated albums of the year,I like it though,Kim Deal still has one of the coolest voices.

Various-Rig Rock Jukebox-a compilation of trucker music by twangy bands that have cool names like Courtney And Western and Go To Blazes <img> .It has song titles like Punk Rockin Honky Tonk Girl(lyrics:"she thinks about Sid about as much as Merle" <img> )and Why I Drink <img>

Madder Rose-Bring It Down-a Boston sounding band that was actually from NYC,I think they split now,the singer/guitarist Mary Lorson now fronts Saint Low.

Broken Girl-Broken Girl-Julie Doiron used to use this moniker before just going under her own name,this is from 1996,around the time Eric`s Trip broke up,some of the songs touch on that.

Bikini Kill-Reject All American-they were losing some steam by this point but it still does rock.

Dinosaur Jr-Bug-my fav Dino album <img>

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