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hey salam, so you are saying you prefer the earlier genesis with p. gabriel to the later p. collins experience? cuz me too!!! or were you bein’ facetious? in that case i blush and also reveal more of my LAMENESS by admitting i listened to steve miller(the one w/ fly like an eagle on it) yesterday and it ruled!
ok today well this a.m. it was all velvet underground, right now i am listenin to the beach boys surfer girl. next up kristin hersh strange angels and such, then gonna dig out the old cassettes hidden in the betty-mobile IV(my sassy wheels) and find short sharp shocked by michelle shocked to learn a song or 2 on it. got dick dale lined up for later, before dinner music and then some latin music, possibly buena vista social club or some cuban stuff i got, or early los lobos, hablas espanol? m’kay. to prepare (in other words get all riled up) for a video tonight, Desperado, directed by robert rodriguez, i liked el mariachi mas, but amigos, antonio banderas is truly the bee’s knees, do ya see the drool… stay chilled y’all, i might need to go night swimmin’, if we do not get a thundersorm to cool things off soon! anyway gonna take some suggestions offered, guess i will get maladroit then, as it comes recommended by 2 out of 3 freakscene regulars. p.s methinks bettie serveert is way wicked cool. also boys, i am notorious as a scofflaw in my town and even on the internet, so no worries rust belt dude… i got busted by a fascist on a noise violation just the other day, hey bob marley musta sceered him or sompin’, i dunno call me shleprock?

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