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this mornin at home?
veruca salt -american thighs
desperado -the soundtrack wakes me up, stirs me up
cypress hill – unreleased and revamped
also learnin’ and listenin’ to specifis tracks like neil young-harvest moon, kristin hersh-gazebo tree, my FAVE at this momentb is i’d love the change the world by ten years gone… as a novice i still have to work WAY hard to learn to sing WHILE i play, my complex wittle brain aches.
in the betty mobile on tape i got bob marley,
i got j mascis, i got weezer(not the new one, the blue one and the green one and pinkerton.
oh i just ordered the jicks new cd to prepare for the 4th of july in atlanta and blood sugar sex magic to learn some stuff off that too.
looks like i might get to swim today! when is high tide?