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Hi Javro,

she’s coming back this july.
As for how things are going, I’m not sure… As I told you there was serious doubts and misunderstandings and whatnots right before she left. Which clearly complicated a lot of stuff. I’ve never felt so strong for a person in my life, and I miss her hellishly. But…these past months I’ve come to think that there’s a difference between loving a person and to utterly and insanely care for a person(this makes a lot more sense in norwegian!) So now I’m trying not to think to much about it and just see what happens when she gets back. But it’s not easy, not easy at all! And I’m also unsure whether I miss her, or miss being in a fabulous relationship with someone. Hope I’ll find out before too long. And it’s not excactly helping when all my friends are going on about how great she was and that I must really miss her and wait for her to get back.
-Long story off topic from Robert. Any thoughts would be appreciated Javro -good to get someones oppinion on these things, especially since you’ve kinda been there lately.
Which reminds me, how are things for you?

Today a weezer concert from september 01 is in my stereo.