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K7 Rides Again

very interesting topic Hansione… <img>

Kurticus7 started out originally as…

The Inneffable Me…based on the Sonic Youth song.
When I first figured out what inneffable meant, I really thought it was cool, so I started calling myself that as a joke (18-19 years old).

After some time, the inneffable me didn’t quite cut it. Someone inneffable needed a god-like name. Thus the evolution into…

The Inneffable Kurticus (an alteration of my real name). Like yourself, it’s an alter ego. I can do and say stuff as Kurticus that I would never do (and probably not accept responsibilty for <img> ) as Kurt. Family and friends thought it was pretty funny and I would refer to myself in the third person i.e. Kurticus would like scrambled eggs, or Kurticus likes not this cheap beer. (This was in turn inspired from a Simpsons episode where Homer dresses in a toga and refers to himself as "Homerclese" while constantly referring to himself in the third person). I guess it just stuck and when I got to college I would introduce myself that way. Or I’d be like "You’ve never met Kurticus? He’s inneffable!" You know, like Kurticus is this entirely seperate individual around here somewhere. I don’t know…it’s just stuck with me ever since.

The "7" came along (sophmore year, 20-21?) when a girlfriend at the time set up an e-mail account for me. Apparently there were already 6 other Kurticus users. Go figure.

Other nicknames…

Kurtis-all the hillbillies say it that way…it’s the "country" thing to do I guess. I’ll also introduce myself this way to prevent the confusion of Kurt w/ Kirk.

Truk-Kurt spelled backwards, I was hard hitting in high school sports.

Durt Dog-After Old Dirty Bastard (the original dirt dog)-several people have giving me this one that listen to ODB. That, and I’m prone to having a very dirty sense of humor under the right situation (i.e. when I can say it and get away with it…I’m more refined in public <img> ). I think I like this one the best.

Colonel Kurtz-college buddy calls me that

Count Kurticus von Zoellnerstein-my german heritage comes through on this one-one of my buddies thought it up.

Chongo (chango?)-Spanish for "monkey". The latinos at work began calling me this last summer. We would have to scale large stake bed trucks and climb through loaded trees and plant material (sometimes 20-30 feet in the air) in order to tarp them down for traveling. I would comment on how we were "a bunch of f*ck*ng monkeys" and make monkey noises, so it stuck.

And the all time best nickname ever…
…"hey handsome"…
(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! <img> )

There’s probably others but I can’t think of them at the moment…

Peace <img>

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