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Y’know tones, I thought the same thing about that line in Back b4 you go. Seemed un-J, but it seems to fit together with the vein of this album. If there was one album that seems to branch almost to the point of "concept" I would say "more Light" is the closest.

Far as the nom de guerre de plume (war/pen-warpin?) name, it came from the gents in the USMC, prob cuz I only got loaded and never locked on to much but my own trip. I made some deriviative sayings at the time:
Halfman, all business, no bull shit
Halfman, no business ,all bull shit
Halfman, half terror
etc.. ad nauseum fin.

Kurtikai, you are one made man. Are you a kept man also? <img>

I bet a year’s membership that Spaceboy can’t tell us all the names he used <img> <img> <img>