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Randy Jane

I know, I sold my ’72 Fender Princeton Reverb for like, $250 or $300 a few years back and they’re pushing close to a grand now. Vintage stuff is going up quick. All of Marshalls products went up this year again. It’s stupid, you can get an original JCM800 for less than you can get the re-issues for and they aren’t as good. I like my Mosfet a lot, it sounds great, and is cheap. Luckily not a ton of people know about them so Marshall hasn’t re-issued them……yet. If/when they do, they’ll jack up the prices for sure. I gotta get another one before anything like that happens haha. I also need a couple of Peavey Mark III Musician heads as well. I had one a few years back and killed it. Loved that thing, it was my first head and I fried it. Friggin loud too, 225W.