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Yeah, the JCM 800s are blowing my mind. I bought one in 1998 for $300 used from Mars Music, I loved it, but it was super clean and needed pedals to get distortion, etc. I kept this amp for a long time, I loved it. Then I had my second kid at age 21 and needed some extra money for co-pays, etc. So I sold it. $650 on eBay…go me.

I’m at Guitar Center this weekend and see one. "I wonder how much that is going for, I wouldn’t mind having one of those again?"


Seriously? I mean, I dug that amp, but I can get the same tone out of a new tube amp at a fraction of the price. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I just kept thinking "Damn, if I had that now, I could get some major money…bummer."