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Randy Jane

Right. The Marshall Mosfet heads look just like the tube versions. They also sound enough like them to get by…so I say I’ll spend $150 – $250 on those any day before a JCM 800 RI. Screw those things. I still really want an original Plexi though. 8)
I want to get a lot of different distortions, fuzzes and overdrives…as many as poosible. I love hearing the different tones that are available at my feet. I’m thinking about buying another Zoom pedal with the exp. pedal built in. I have enough guitars and amps for a while, I need to build my pedals up a bit.
I need an EQ rack or pedal, don’t care which one, because it will stay in the rack either way. I also need to build a buffer. I’ll be running a lot of amps, and I want to make sure they stay ok.