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Are you looking for the Feedbacker/Distortion? It’s cool, but I found it wasn’t as cool as advertised. I dumped mine. I had some trouble coordinating the feedback stomp to hold the right note. I just turned up my guitar/pedlas/amp for instant feedback if waanted.

We’re playing this weekend. I’m going 100% Jazzmaster. Not even gonna bring the Flying V. The guys in the band said they like the sound of the Jazzy better. That and I made them listen to Dino’s catalog for the past three years.

Now a pan pedal or tremolo pan is interesting. Especially with two amps. I love being able to have the wah, phaser and or flanger going thru different cabs. Great stereo sound. Really shines with one guitar. Lost in the shuffle w/two. I wonder if the pan will whip the signal around like Led Zeppelin or MBV.