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Randy Jane

I would like to get more pedals too. Then I also need a pedal board of some sort. I think I’m going to build my own board, but I don’t know how I want it yet. I’ll probably end up getting a few more amps first though and get that over with. I want the same amount of amps/cabs on each side and then pan back and forth after I build a pan pedal. If I go with the four full stacks, then I can use my M-80 too that will be all I need….more than what I need in fact LOL. I do want to incorporate a bass full stack into my rig though. An old Peavey Mark III Musician head, 410 and a 210 cab. I think that would be cool. I always loved the tone of a guitar driven by bass 10’s. Sounds like rain. haha.
Has anyone tried the old Boss Feedback pedal? I really want one but I cant find one on Ebay anymore. At one point there were like five of them on there at once, but since I have money…nothing.