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Randy Jane

well, woo hoo!!!

I went to have a band practice down by the lake today, it was a nice day so why not? We were practicing as "The Essex Valentine" instead of Randy Jane, as we dont really have a drummer right now. We got there and walked to a good spot and started playing andfound that a little barge boat type thing stopped on the lake to listen to us play, and a family of people listened to us as well. Oh, we also stood up some twigs and made fans as well. lol. Anyways, I was thinking it would be nice if we could try to find some little bongo type drums and see if we could locate Casey (R.J.’s drummer) and take him back there and play more. We made it to the music store and found bongos for $30 and I bought them and happened to see that they had a Marshall Mosfet fullstack for sale, but it was $800. Not too bad, but it’s the head, a 410 bottom cab and a 410 sized 212 top cab. The cabs are smaller than my Laney so they wouldn’t look right anyways. I was about to pay for the bongos and then I noticed a guitar cab in the P.A. speakers. I asked about it and the guy said that it’s a Yamaha 412 (didn’t know they made them) but it is empty (no speakers). I was all, how much? He said probably pretty cheap, then asked the boss man and came back and said $50. Uh…..I have two 12’s sitting at my house out of a cab, well I bought it. I have a fullstack now. It’s a jelly bean fullstack, but hey…I like it that way.

Laney 412 top cab, Yamaha 412 bottom cab and a Marshall Mosfet head. I also have the Fender M-80 212 combo and a 1962 Ampeg Portaflex (just the cab…head was gone when I got it). I’m getting a bunch of gear, I like that! lol. I need to get another head and two 212 cabs to make the rig I really want though. It will happen soon I hope though. Probably some cabs from http://www.Avatarspeakers.com will do nicely. Maybe a Mesa…..?? Dont know.