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Yay!!! I sold some guitar parts and got my Electric Mistress coming in the mail! So now my new setup is complete. We’ve been recording and I didn’t want to do two rhythm parts separately, so I’ve been running two setups:

I’ve been splitting my guitar into 2 effects lines:

Line 1: Guitar into Cry Baby Wah into Russian Big Muff into Digital Delay into Sunn Concert Lead (No Reverb)
Line 2: Guitar into Ibanez Tubescreamer into Little Big Muff into Peavey Prowler (Reverb at 4)

It’s awesome. Adds some clarity underneith as I normally just run the Tubescreamer on the Prowler so it’s more jangly while the Sunn is blazing…for the hardcore fuzz moments, kick on the Little Big Muff…it’s awesome. Most fun I’ve had lately playing with my configuration. The Electric Mistress will be phenomenal with it. :)