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"Son of a Nietzsche " wrote:
Oh, what a fun thread! I’m currently rocking a CIJ ’52 Telecaster, a CIJ ’62 Jaguar, a US ’62 Jazzmaster and a Rickenbacker 330/6. What can I say? I love single coils. These are the pedals that’re typically at my feet… a Boss TU2, a Digitech WH1, an Electro Harmonix 16 Second Delay, a vintage MXR Dyna Comp, a Lovetone Meatball and Big Cheese, a Crowther Hot Cake, a Boss VB2 and DM3 and finally a well loved Holy Grail. I’m thinking about purchasing a Fuzz Factory sometime. After all, you can never have too many dirt boxes in my book!

I run all of that colourful stuff through either my battered reissue AC30 or my trusty ol’ Fender Dual Showman.

Wow. Just wow.