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Randy Jane

There needs to be more people who understand this method. It REALLY does not matter if your guitar costed $3,500 more than my $30 Squier Strat….I like my Strat, it sounds like an old ’58 Strat. For me, it’s perfect, Chicken Picken, Fusion, Reggae, Metal, Blues, Jazz etc. You can mod your guitars if you know how that is to get what you want out of them. It may take a while to figure out the things you like don’t get the tones you want. An example of this would be that I like the looks of humbuckers, a lot of guitarists that I like play with humbuckers….but with my style and setup, I hate all of them. Anyways…..I’m rambling on and now it doesnt even make sence to me. Sorry……