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"Randy Jane " wrote:
I’m just glad someone else has a Jagmaster. woohoo!
How do you like those pickups as opposed to the stock ones? How do they sound and all that junk? Also, I’ve never heard of them actually, so where did you find them?


I like it a lot more now. Humbuckers suck with the Big Muff. It sounds way to garbled or whatever you want to call it. The Dream 90s cut. They make it more like the guitars it’s named after. A lot brighter. The Dream 90s are cool because they’re the same size as a humbucker…it did take me some dremel-sanding of the pocket to get it wide enough, but the Jagmaster pickguard is more fit to go right around those pickups.

You can check them out at http://www.guitarfetish.com”>http://www.guitarfetish.com. Here’s a pic before I changed out the neck one. I’m thinking of going back to this configuration. Drop the neck one into another guitar I have.


I love it a lot more now. I love the cutting sound.