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Fuzz Probe, yeah I couldn’t resist after seeing J live here in Seattle. He played a mind-numbing set and I, like a dumbass, forgot my earplugs. Me and my girlfriend couldn’t hear ourselves scream – even after the songs! Watt was incredible and I think I may have freaked J out a bit by being so excited to talk to him after the show. Watt was affable as ever and George was just laughing at me in awe over J! Funny story. Anyway, I went looking for the Probe after seeing J’s, and found it at Emerald City. I was smilin’ big time when Jay at EC said, "I’ll give you the Sonic Youth price!" I love SY and it is cool to have the same piec of gear as these guitar giants. Apparently Thurston had bought 2 of them when he was in Seattle, along with a Les Paul (huh?) Anyway, as you can see, I love talkin’ gear!

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