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I’m using this live:
Flying V or Les Paul. Occaisonal Jazzmaster or Tele

Boss Overdrive/EH Hot Tubes(new style w/tubes)/Dano Backtalk/Digitech Whammy2/ 70’sMemory Man SPLIT:
A) Boss PH-3, Dunlop Tremolo into Roland JC-50 or 120
b) Vox Wah into Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or 66 Fender Showman into Marshall 4×10.

I like to blast the bigger set up, but the little set-up is more controlable and easier on the back.

Noise, lead, rythym, it does the trick.

I gotta couple of old fuzzies: Three old Muffs, Shaftebury Duo Fuzz(Univox Super Fuzz UK import), Roland Bee Baa. Don’t use any of them live but quite a bit for overdubs. I have almost every boss distortion for the last 20 years.