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99 white fender jazzmaster(main)
relic 50s style fender blonde telecaster
97 white strat
70s broken hondo les paul copy *pos*
80s kramer roadstar *my uncle gave ti to me so i cant sell it*
squire duo sonic *gonna give my nefue that in a while*

sligo hand wired 100w super lead head with marshall 1960 av cab*sounds great*
early 90s crate vintage club 50 w *the blonde one not the black digital fx ones*
60s airline 30w? amp "blackie"
79 kustom i bass practice amp*probably gonna sell this*

dunlop wah wah
81 big muff the one with the op amp capasitiors*not exactly what i wanted but its not bad*
russian big muff*sounds so bad its good*
80s mxr distortion +*good fuzzy tone only when cranked to "idoit settings"*
small clone reissue
79 electric mistress *i was shocked when i found out this was an orginal and not a reissue*

ahh thats about it not the greatest but its mine :)