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Cool thread :) Here’s my stuff:

Guitar wise:
1966 Fender Jazzmaster (bought 6 months ago ? it?s beautiful, saved up for months for this baby, black refin with white scratchguard and bound neck/pearl inlay bits ? I?m gonna get it refined BACK to Sunburst, got a nice tortoiseshell scratchguard to go on it etc…)
1992 Fender Squire Telecaster ? first guitar. Surprisingly good cheap guitar! Doesn’t stay in tune – but easy to play.
New Tangelwood Dreadnought acoustic. For those 6 Organs/Bert Jansch moments ;) Nice guitar – hooked it up with a pick up.

Univox Superfuzz (orange and blue 70s version – incredible pedal!!! – sounds like a bomb going off!!!)
Electro Harmonix MOGWAI Big Muff (1 of 50 made for the band Mogwai by those lovely EH folks IN New York – V RARE promotional item made to celebrate the release of their ?Rock Action? album ? this is basically a Big Muff with all the scripts changed? I will hopefully one day sell this for a lot of money – or just hang onto it and pass it on my grandchildren – not bad really)
Russian Zovtek Big Muff (big green tank of a pedal!)
Electro Harmonix Small Stone phazer (hence my name…:)
Electro Hamonix Electric Mistress flanger
Electro Harmonix Smal Clone
Line 6 Echo Park – delay pedal
Jim Dunlop Wah Wah
Danelectro Tremelo (someones borrowed this…gave it back buggered!)
Danelectro French Toast (a distortion/octave pedal – the fuzz is good a bit like a trebly Superfuzz, the octave switch is rubbish!)
All this goes through a Fender Blues Junior amp I picked up on Eay a few months ago for ?200! Bargain!
+ Mapex drum set. I’m a really terrible guitarist – I should stick to playing drums!!!!