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Randy Jane

Guitars (that I actually use anyways..not that sit in the closet):
Epiphone ’67 V RI. Got this one autographed by Kerry King.
98 Squier Strat – refinished to blue then reliced.
’89 Squier Strat (Korean) with a floyd, a white humbucker of some sort in the neck, a Duncan JB in the bridge and a stock single from a strat copy that I burnt…..it sounds pretty kool. Its black.
’00 Squier Telecaster that is about to undergo a LOT of heavy surgery. I am stripping the finish, adding a binding (both sides) and refinishing to black (in nitrocellulos) and a tortoise pickgaurd…..then Im debating a relic job.
’74 Fender Mustang – Sunburst…..yeah…..I added a humbucker…..what?
’87 Martin D-2832
Effects: (in order from amps to guitar) Dod Stereo Chorus, Dunlop Crybaby, Dod YJM308 (Thanks Javro!!!) Dod Grunge (shut up) and a Boss Md-2.
Amps: Fender M-80 2×12 Combo with Chorus (90 or 91).
Marshall Mosfet Head (89 I think) on top of a Laney 4×12 with Fender special design speakers.

I don’t really like the Marshall head though. It sounds like a classic Marshall does, and if you like that tone, then its a GREAT amp for you…..I just dont like it. I need more gain than the Ramones. Even with my pedals I cant get a good distortion tone….maybe with a Muff or something I could, but not now. Maybe it would sound good for bass though……if not..Ill be selling it.