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I know this is an old thread but I couldn’t resist.


Main – 62′ Amercian Vintage Jazzmaster Reissue (Sherwood Green) Mods – Mustang bridge, Seymore Duncan Vintage Jazzmaster Pick ups, White Pearloid Pick guard, and white knobs

1999 American Standard Telecaster (Black) Mods – Black/Silver Pearloid Pickguard

1991 Made in Japan Fender Jaguar (White)

1989 American Standard Strat (Sunburst) Mods – 3 Dimarzio stacked humbuckers w/ neck and bridge positions tapped so that they can be single coil, Black knobs, Brown Tortuise Shell Pick guard

2003 Silvertone Paul Stanley Signiture Series Acoustic Guitar

Amp – Fender Cyber Twin

Effects – Vox Wah Pedal