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I got an early musicmaster with a mustang vibrato, a gibson es-125t (63), a silvertone 1448 (59 with the amp in case) and a 1930’s archtop (I think it’s a harmony). for amps I have a peavey practice amp that sounds like total ass, and a cmi electronics 100 watt head (it has 4 channels and a built in Maestro Phaser!!!). I put the head through a bass cabinet and I usually just turn up really loud, but sometimes I use on of those dan armstrong orange squuezer treble boosters that mounts on the input jack of the guitar.

the only pedals I have are an electroharmonix frequency analyzer for that wacky devo sound and a electroharmonix little big muff that sounds exactly like the distortion on "new rose" by the damned.

oh and I got a 1960’s slingerland drum kit for the other band I play in.